Tour the Green Knight Energy Center

Compressor Room
This is a photo of the compressor room.  Landfill gas is pulled in from the landfill at about 1 to 1 1/2 psi vacuum and compressed in two stages to 170 psi for delivery to the turbines.

Turbine Engine
This is a photo of one of the turbine engines.  It is a Solar Centaur T-4500 gas turbine engine that drives a 3300 kilowatt generator.

Installation of Turbine-Generator
This is a photo from the construction period.  It shows a turbine-generator unit being set into position.  In the background is a flare on the landfill where the landfill gas (methane) was burned before the Green Knight Energy Center was built.  After the turbine-generator units were placed, the building housing them was completed.

Turbine Control Panel
This photo shows the computerized control panel for the three turbine generators.

Turbine Room
This photo shows two of the three turbine-generator units after completion of construction.  Noteworthy is the ample spacing provided between the units to accommodate future heat recovery equipment.

Future Heat Recovery
This photo illustrates how the GKEDC configured the Green Knight Energy Center to accommodate the future positioning of heat recovery equipment.  The exhaust coming from the turbine engines is 850°F, and could be used to produce steam to run a steam turbine-generator as well as provide a source of heat for prospective nearby industrial customers.
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