Green Knight Energy Center
Did you know that the trash you discard today might help run your refrigerator tomorrow?

It's true -- thanks to the Green Knight Economic Development Corporation (GKEDC) gas-to-energy facility.  The plant uses landfill gas instead of fossil fuels to generate 10 Mw of electricity.  Here's a simple look at how it works.

Homes and businesses in our local communities generate tons of waste material, and bundle it for pick-up.  Waste Management's fleet of trucks and laborers collect the curbside trash.

Trucks haul the trash to Grand Central Sanitary Landfill in Plainfield Township for processing. As the waste material decays, it naturally generates methane gas.  A complex collection system gathers this flammable gas and safely transports it to the energy generating plant.

At the plant, the methane gas is burned as fuel within three turbine-driven generators that generate nearly ten megawatts of electric power, or the equivalent of enough electricity to supply 8000 households.  This electricity is sold as “green,” or renewable, power to Exelon, and the profits are used to support community activities such as scholarships, community grants, and the promotion of economic development projects.  Even when the landfill closes, methane gas will still be captured and burned for many years. 

The facility opened in March 2001.  Waste Management provides loan and operating guarantees for the Green Knight Energy Center, and is currently contracted to operate and maintain the facility under the guidance of the GKEDC Board of Directors. 

The Green Knight Energy Center with Pen Argyl in the background.

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